Monday, May 24, 2010

Jeb Crosses The Bridge

Jeb crossed the bridge while taking a nap last Monday, May 18, 2010. He was 15 years old and was at the vet clinic awaiting his blood test results when he drifted away. Rest in peace sweet boy. We miss you.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Joe's Snow Day

When I received the email regarding this little senior cocker, I knew he was in bad shape. The shelter supplied photos of Joe and photos of the pools of blood he was urinating. I had Dr. Bradshaw look at the photos immediately. The opinion he gave me regarding the probability of this little fellow's likely health issues wasn't good. Of course, Dr. B realized I was not disheartened and that "Joe" would soon be his client. So, he said we won't know what his medical needs are until we see him and we will see him right away. We ran a late night transport from Houston to Mineola. Joe boarded at 8pm on Thursday night and arrived at Dr Bradshaw's at 8am Friday morning, March 19, 2010. He was urinating not only blood but blood clots. He was constantly scratching and in complete misery. Remarkable, his bloodwork wasn't too bad. All of his main organs were functioning properly. Joe suffered from a lot of small infections that had gone untreated for a very long time. He had two different yeast infections in his ears. Joe was put on several medications which brought quick relief. Within 24 hours, the blood in his urine was gone! I was amazed and my heart lightened. Joe had heart worms and due to his age, he was not a canidate for under going conventional heart worm treatment. His itching had lightened and he was able to get some much needed and very peaceful sleep. Joe spent what would be his last snow day peacefully napping. We went back to the vet for Joe's follow up visit a week later. I told Dr B that I thought he might be coming down with a cold. He told me that what I was seeing were the effects of the heart worms. Apparently, they were much more severe that I originally thought they were. His heart had become weak and fluid was building around his heart. He was placed on two different medications and we went home. Joe had spent that week being my constant companion. When I went on the six hour dog food run, Joe went with me. Saturday night, he was not interested in his kibble so he had roast beef and weiners. Sunday he seemed to worsen as the day went along and I called Dr. B. Joe was having trouble breathing. I laid him down just for a minute so I could get a fresh blanket to wrap him in and he started wigging out - he became distressed and seemed extremely scared. I immediately picked him back up and kissed his head and said it's okay I have got you. He nestled against me and his breathing slowed back down. I held him and talked to him and he just drifted off in my arms. When Dr. B called to let me know he was at the clinic I told him that Joe was already gone. I became very attached to Joe in the days I shared with him. He was a sweetheart and he had been neglected for a long time. I don't how someone could neglect a sweet little dog like Joe. Although I know it happens all too frequently. I began wondering why Joe had come to us for such a short period. Then I reflected to that moment that I had laid Joe down and remembered how he had reacted. It was clear, Joe made his way here so he could pass peacefully over the bridge. Joe passed away on Sunday, March 28, 2010. He had been spared shelter euthanasia - he was not muzzled, restrained or injected. He died where he felt safe and cared for. I was given the opportunity to redeem a little dignity for the human race with Joe. Although, he harbored no ill will toward people even though they had failed him miserably. He got to feel the comforts of peaceful slumber, a soft bed, relief from constant itching and was able to urinate without pain in his final days. Joe felt loved. He got to see one more snow day and he got to spend it as all old dogs should in peaceful slumber.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rory Ready To Romp!

Handsome Rory is both dog and kid friendly. He is a very smart Heeler mix. He is an inside dog and is house trained. Rory is current on his vaccinations and neutered. He weighs 48 pounds. Rory arrived at our rescue last year heartworm positive. He has been treated for heartworms and is now heartworm free. Update: Rory never found his forever home. The sun set for Rory on September 2, 2010. He was a wonderful dog - everyone who passed him over missed out on a smart, friendly and loving fellow. It breaks my heart that we failed to find him a forever home. He now resides at the "Angel Paws" Cemetery. Rest in peace sweet handsome Rory.

Harland Battles Back

Harland's biopsy results came back last week. As suspected, he does have cancer. However, the experts cannot agree on what type cancer Harland has. Harland is still recovering but can now stand, walk for 20-30 minutes which is normal for him and then lay himself back down. The tumor looks like it is shrinking. I guess the antibiotics have cleared the infection. Please keep Harland in your prayers.

The Goodbyes Get Harder

Martha was on the euthanasia list at a public shelter a year and a half ago. When I first looked at that list, I liked her right away. She was actually smiling in her shelter photo. She was a happy camper at the shelter. She enjoyed being around so many other dogs and she absolutely loved the visitors that passed through. I always choose one dog to pull for on the eu list and that week it was Martha. I was sure she would find a home or a rescue so I started concentrating my efforts on the pitbull. I tagged the last two remaining dogs that week. I didn't even know which two that would be at the time. I was surprised when one of the two was Martha! In fact, I made the comment "for once I get the dog I would have chosen"! Looking back, I can just see Martha in that shelter. Rising to meet each new visitor. Offering her sweet smile.....and being passed over time and time again. Then passed over by rescue after rescue. Knowing Martha, it would not have gotten her down. She was along for the ride - she loved every minute of life, no matter where she was. Martha was a sweetheart. She had the softest fur - she was like a small teddy bear. She also had the cutest ears, they folded over on the tips. She had warm welcoming eyes and was always smiling. She was a senior, had some kidney problems and a significant heart mumur. She also had an oddity of attacking her own foot. Every time she tried to eat, that rear foot would start sneaking up to her bowl. She would give a low growl, but her foot would not heed the warning. So she would give a more demanding growl but that foot went undetered.....finally it was on and Martha was growling at her foot and attacking it. We were afraid to place Martha with other dogs - although Martha did not have an ounce of aggression - we were leary that another dog might view her foot antics as aggression and attack her. So, for awhile, Martha had a suite to herself. Then one day Weston arrived. Poor Weston. He had been beaten and mistreated his whole life. He was afraid of his own shadow. He would walk out on the porch and the dogs in the yard would jeer at him......calling him "chicken" I am sure. He would run back inside and then you would hear Martha - obviously setting the yard dogs straight. None of them ever gave her any lip. (I think they all thought she was nuts). She and Weston embarked on a beautiful friendship and were soon inseperable. She was the wind beneath his wings and he accepted her nightly brawls with her foot and everything rocked on for a year and a half. Then last Tuesday night, Martha did not rise to greet me. I knew right away she was sick. I could see it in her eyes. We called the vet in for an emergency visit. Martha had fever and fluid had built up around her heart which had allowed pnemonia to settle in suddenly. So, Martha stayed in the hospital two days and returned home Thursday night. Instead of staying in her suite with Weston, she stayed in my son's room so we could monitor her special prescription food and water intake and give her the daily medicines. I went in to refreshen her pads and give her fresh water and her pill. She raised her head and looked at me, then drank her water and took her pill. I left to finish the medication round (we had six other sick doggies). I heard my son talking to her and then he called for me. Just that quick, Martha was gone. For Martha, the sunset at 5:20pm on Saturday, March 13, 2010. I thought about her being the last dog on that shelter list what seemed like so long ago - the one who had gone unchosen, unwanted and unclaimed. What a great dog everyone had missed out on and how blessed I had been that she managed to find her way to our rescue. Martha was something else - even with her quirks - she was a happy, sweet and loving lady. I had to tell Weston the news last night. I swear, if I could choose any second language to speak and understand it would be "Canine". Weston has been looking for Martha for days and it is heartbreaking. I told him that she loved him very much and that she would miss him dearly but that she would see him again one day and that she said to keep his head up and be brave. Of course, he didn't understand all that - although, I know he knows something is terribly wrong. He is getting increasingly ancy about her return and I am going to have to think hard on what I can do to comfort him. She was his friend - long before he trusted me as a friend, he trusted Martha. That 18 months is ten and a half dog years. Over ten years of sharing their life every day. Bless their hearts.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Harland's Biopsy

Two weeks ago, Harland developed a tumor on his chest. Our vet suspects he has cancer. Harland had his biopsy today. Now we wait for the results. Please keep Harland in prayer. If you would like to make a donation toward Harland's vet care, please send donation to Lake Country Animal Clinic Attn: Pound Pals Donation Account1124 FM 564 Mineola, Texas 75773.

Still Missing Ozzie

Something seemed amiss all day today. As I walked past Ozzie's yard which now sits empty, it hit me. As I reminisced about my big brindle friend, I realized that he has been gone for exactly two months now. Ozzie was always the first dog I fed. Very seldon did Ozzie go in his house. He would stretch out under the starts at night and he loved to nap in the bright sunlight. It had to be pouring down rain or extremely cold before Ozzy would retire indoors. I was chattering away one afernoon checking water bowls when I noticed Ozzy was missing. I called and called for him but he did not come. He always met me at the gate but not that day. I glanced at his vacant house and scoured his yard looking for any breeched area. Nothing was disturbed. Billy was walking the backside of Ozzy's yard when he noticed a big brindle head peeking out. Ozzy caught Billy's movement out of the corner of his eye and knew the jig was up. He had been crouching in the back of his house probably laughing at me the entire time. I said, "you are so busted, you might as well come on out here." So, he sheepishly met me at the gate for a quick pet and a fresh bowl of kibble. I still laugh when I think of the look on his face. I haven't forgotten you my big brindle buddy.